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Environmental Restoration is a comprehensive DoD program that identities, investigates, and cleans up contamination from past DoD activities. The Environmental Restoration Program, designed to implement the requirements and procedures of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), is governed by DoDI 4715.07 Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP), and follows the Navy Environmental Restoration Program (NERP) Manual. The CERCLA process ensures full protection of human health and the environment, meets the intent of all legal requirements, communicates with the public, and responsibly restores contaminated property to beneficial use. NAVFAC executes the Marine Corps Environmental Restoration Program with funding from the Environmental Restoration, Navy (ERN) account, and addresses sites based on a risk-prioritized framework (“worst-first” approach). Marine Corps installations facilitate, coordinate, and approve those environmental restoration activities.

The Environmental Restoration Program includes two components:

  • Installation Restoration Program, which identifies and remediates past releases of pollutants or contaminants from DoD activities.
  • Munitions Response Program, which investigates and cleans up munitions and explosives of concern (MEC), including unexploded ordnance and chemicals that were released from munitions items on other-than-operational range areas at active installations.

Other “Cleanup” actions to address contamination are also conducted by the installation pursuant to compliance requirements. Overseas remediation activities are governed by DODI 4715.08 (Remediation of Environmental Contamination outside the United States) and Host Nation Governing Standards.

Additional information can be found on the Navy and DoD Environmental Restoration Program at the following links:

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