Mission Statement

To provide installation contracting support to all MCICOM bases and stations in support of the Operating Forces, Tenants, and activities.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in DoD acquisition, ensuring quality supplies and services are provided on time at a fair and reasonable price in support of the combat readiness of the Marine Corps.

Contracting Goals and Objectives

  • Promote and support the MCICOM Commanding General's Guidance
  • Maintain the integrity of the contracting process
  • Promote a contracting culture of business excellence
  • Collaborate with customers and other stakeholders
  • Foster an environment of mutual trust and respect.

In order to accomplish these goals and objectives, MCICOM Contracting will focus on areas such as: optimizing efficiencies through planning and communication; providing the customer with the tools, templates, and tailored training to ensure requirements are properly defined; standardizing processes across MCICOM to increase efficiencies and effectively support the customer; engaging early in the procurement planning process to develop an execution strategy with realistic milestones to maximize competition and reduce cost; pursuing enterprise-wide contracting solutions; and ensuring all MCICOM Regional Contracting Offices (RCOs) maintain compliance with proper acquisition procedures, policies, and regulations.

The MCICOM Contracting Office provides support for all requirements over the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT, currently $250,000) to the headquarters elements of the following 4 organizations:

  • Installations and Logistics (I&L)
  • Programs and Resources (P&R)
  • Plans, Policies, and Operations (PP&O)


Please email any comments or questions to: MCICOM Contracting: MCICOM Contracting Office