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MCICOM Contracting-PR Builder

Requirements that will be executed by the MCICOM Contracting Office must be initiated through a Procurement Request (PR) Package. PR Builder is a web-based PR tool which makes it easy to generate, track, and process PRs. The PR Builder System is a centrally managed solution for the generation of requirements into solicitation documents. Website address is: PR Builder


Once a PR Package has been submitted into PR Builder, it goes through a workflow process that can take up to five (5) business days.

Although the exact approval chain may differ from office to office, all PR Packages will undergo certain steps. The Originator will submit the PR Package to the Supervisor, who approves the request. The PR is also sent to the Comptroller Office to confirm funding is available and then it is routed to the Standard Accounting Budgeting and Reporting System (SABRS) for commitment. After all approvals, the PR is sent to the Contract Manager who reviews all of the information.

If it passes approval here, the Contract Manager will accept the purchase request and assign the PR Package to a contract specialist. The PR can be rejected at any time during this process.

It is imperative that all requirements and information are documented to ensure the prompt review and approval by all routed personnel.


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