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Mission Statement

The Facilities Directorate provides policy, conducts programming and oversees the execution of all facilities and environmental programs and functions to provide and sustain required land and infrastructure in support of all Marine Corps Installations and their missions. 

Facilities Directorate functions and programs include: Real Property Management; Facilities Planning; Facilities Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization; Facilities Operations/Services; Utilities; Installations Energy; Military Construction; Environmental and Natural/Cultural Resource Management; and Unaccompanied, Family, and Transient Housing.


Vision Statement

Marine Corps Installations will be good stewards of all resources.  We will respect our natural and cultural resources and operate our installations in a manner that sustains the environment and our mission.  Marine Corps Facilities will be well planned, well built and well maintained.  Our facilities will fully and cost-effectively support Marine Corps readiness and quality of life.  We will be recognized for leadership and excellence in facilities management and sustainability.

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