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MCICOM Contracting-COR Nominations and Surveillance

WHY do we need CORs?

  • Contracting Officers are required to designate a COR for service contracts above $250K


What do CORs do?

  • Assist in the technical monitoring or administration of a contract;
  • Act as representative (“eyes and ears” ) for the Contracting officer in performing contract surveillance & oversight;
  • Inspect deliverables, monitor performance and accept/reject invoices in WAWF
  • Additional duties as applicable (detailed in COR appointment letter)
  • Maintain a file for each assigned contract. The file must include, at a minimum:
  • 1. A copy of the contracting officer’s letter of designation and other documents describing the COR’s duties and responsibilities;
    2. A copy of the contract administration functions delegated to a contract administration office which may not be delegated to the COR; and
    3. Documentation of COR actions taken in accordance with the delegation of authority.


COR Types and Qualifications

  • There are three types of CORs (Type A, B, and C). To date, all MCICOM Contracting service awards have required either Type A or B:




  • DoD Agencies are required to use the DoD Contracting Officer Representative Tracking (CORT) Tool to electronically track COR nominations, appointments, terminations, and training certifications for service contracts.
  • The CORT Tool is a module within the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) at
  • CORs must complete COR training/certifications before establishing a profile in the CORT Tool.
  • The COR nomination process involves 3 steps:
    1.   Ensure your Supervisor has a PIEE Account with CORT Tool "Supervisor" role
    2.   Ensure you have a PIEE Account with CORT Tool "COR" role
    3.   Submit a self-nomination  in CORT Tool for each contract/task order. Once your Supervisor
        approves your nomination, the Contracting Officer will be able to officially appoint you
        within the CORT Tool.


We cannot provide step-by-step instructions for PIEE as they change with system upgrades.
We recommend you take the web based training and consult the "Help - CORT Tool
Documents" on the PIEE help page.


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