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Marines in uniform collecting trash into bags outdoors.



Environmental requirements impact nearly every Marine Corps occupational field, military occupational specialty, operation and civilian job series. The Marine Corps Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program (CETEP) supports full compliance with environmental requirements, pollution prevention goals, and Environmental Management System (EMS) objectives by analyzing environmental training needs and integrating and executing professional development initiatives and training. CETEP’s primary goal is to ensure that appropriate high-quality environmental training and information are provided in the most efficient and effective manner, ensuring 100% of personnel are trained on and qualified for their environmental responsibilities. The Marine Corps has established environmental training managers (CETEP Coordinators) at each installation and each commander is responsible for assigning an Environmental Compliance Coordinator who collectively are responsible for developing, executing, and overseeing training. Ultimately, commanders at all levels are responsible for ensuring all Marines and civilian employees under their command meet their environmental and personal safety training requirements.

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