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I-neXt Symposiums


Each Installation neXt (I-neXt) event focuses on one aspect of our I-neXt vectors. These events bring together stakeholders from DoD, industry, academia, non-profit organizations, cities, government agencies, members of Congress, and innovation professionals to leverage attendee expertise and experience in order to explore ways installations can solve some of their most abundant issues collaboratively.

Symposium reports are created for each event to capture the results of the events and provide insights for the future guidance for Installation neXt and MCICOM initiatives. These documents will serve as a baseline to support the development of an Installation neXt operating concept. Click the installation seals below to get the respective I-neXt report.

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Base of the Future

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, November 7-9, 2017

Installation neXt Quantico PROTECTION

Marine Corps Base Quantico, September 27-29, 2018

Installation neXt Hawaii RESILIENCE

Marine Corps Base Hawaii, January 29-31, 2019

Installation neXt Mobility

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, May 7-9, 2019


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