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I-neXt How to Get Involved


We can’t do it alone. We need YOU to build solutions!

It is a goal of Installation neXt (I-neXt) to catalyze the modernization of installation capabilities through the creation of quality and structured partnerships that identify pathways to create solutions, encourage knowledge transfer, and create controlled collisions between the different types of organizations within the ecosystem – Academia, Industry, local government, non-profits, government agencies, DoD, other DoD installation of the future initiatives, and local Chamber of Commerce groups. Whether you are an organization or an individual, the MCICOM I-neXt team is here to enable your implementation of this process and wants to support you.

If you are a Marine,  you can be involved by:

  • Bringing forward problems that you see firsthand on Marine Corps Installations
  • Identifying key local partners that your installation collaborates with
  • Recommending your base as a testing ground to pilot certain solutions

If you are a part of MCICOM, you can be involved by:

  • Bringing forward problems that you see in your daily job
  • Accelerating solutions that support the mission of your MCICOM Directorate
  • Identifying connection points and dependencies between your Directorate and others

If you are a part of the rest of the I-neXt Ecosystem, you can be involved by:

  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration with MCICOM
  • Exploring problem and opportunity spaces to better understand MCICOM challenges
  • Refining proofs of concept and building prototypes to solve our problems
  • Demoing and showcasing potential solutions to MCICOM


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