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Engagement & Mission Sustainment (E&MS)

Marine Corps installations are integral hubs of their local communities and strive to balance good stewardship of the environment with meeting the requirements to train Marines and sailors, all while remaining good neighbors. The E&MS branch advances these goals by integrating communications, outreach, and engagement in support of encroachment management, legislative engagement, mission compatibility, and liaison with installation communities, elected officials, and mission partners at all echelons.

At the installation level, the Community Planning & Liaison Officer (CPLO) acts as the Commander's staff representative to neighboring communities. CPLOs implement E&MS efforts and build enduring relationships that help Marine Corps installations both provides a training platform for warfighter readiness and ensures a high quality of life for Marines and their families.

Marine Corps Mission Sustainment Program
The Marine Corps Mission Sustainment program is a key program for maintaining installation readiness to support the Marine Corps Operating Forces. As communities and local economies grow, and energy development infrastructure expands, the Marine Corps seeks to promote compatible land uses to prevent the loss of training days and workarounds that would reduce training realism and effectiveness. The Mission Sustainment Program relies on continuous stakeholder engagement, encroachment partnering, and various planning tools to identify and address encroachment concerns early in the development process and create win-win-win solutions for the Marine Corps, communities, and the environment.

For more information about DoD mission compatibility efforts, or for contact information to submit an energy development proposal for review, please visit the DoD Siting Clearinghouse website:

For more information on the Department of the Navy’s readiness sustainment and compatibility efforts, including identifying areas of concerns and mission compatibility assessments, please visit:

G-7 Legislative Liaison
The G-7 Legislative Liaison serves as a clearinghouse for all MCICOM engagements with federal elected officials, helping conduct key leader outreach and grassroots education.

MCICOM Public Affairs
MCICOM's Communications Strategy and Operations (CSO) team provides public affairs and communications strategy support across all MCICOM units. The team oversees MCICOM's social media presence, helps develop the Command's Public Affairs Playbook, works closely with the Marine Corps' Communications Directorate, and provides communications editing support to a wide variety of MCICOM programs and activities.

Installation werX (I-werX)
I-werX seeks to explore, identify, and implement the newest and most efficient technologies and processes as they pertain to the development and management of installations across the Command. I-werX aims to continue the advancement of all Marine Corps installation capabilities through purposeful processes, extensive research and experimentation, and the development of meaningful partnerships.

Installation neXt (IX)
The Installation neXt (IX) concept brings together the power of ideas and community partners to imagine and re-imagine the application of emerging state-of-the-art technology, processes and organizational adaptations to the future of Marine Corps bases.

The IX concept overall seeks to leverage insights, perspectives, and expertise from an ecosystem that includes private industry, academia, and local, state, and federal governments. Through the facilitation of “controlled collisions,” this disparate group of influencers and thought leaders allow MCICOM to explore transformative solutions to installation challenges. In doing so, we advance the effectiveness of our installations and enhance the overall readiness of our Marines

The IX concept supports the Marine Operating Concept and the Commandant’s Infrastructure Reset (IR) Strategy, which seeks to provide capable, adaptive, and economically sustainable Marine Corps installations from which to generate readiness and project combat power in a fiscally constrained environment.

Installation Analytics
The G-7 analytic capability provides MCICOM strategic installation policy decision support through the application of advanced analytical methods to inform and defend Marine Corps requirements and resourcing decisions to maximize the ability to generate combat power.

Operations research and data science techniques are applied to descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive problem statements through quick-look or deep-dive studies, accomplishing defendable and time-sensitive decision support with data-driven methodologies.


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