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What We Do

Representative DC I&L, LF, LFS-Services / MCICOM G-4 Mission tasks include:

  • Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness (FIAR) preparation for the 2017 Marine Corps Clean Audit Review
  • Monitoring MCICOM Small Business Utilization Program achievements
  • Program Management for the Regional Garrison Food Service Contracts (CONUS installations only)
  • Establishing Program Management for MCICOM’s acquisition of services not related to Food Service
  • Program Management and programmatic oversight of Marine Corps Food Service support, including: the HQMC Subsistence in Kind (SIK) account, Marine Corps Food Management Information System (MCFMIS), and Food Management Teams (FMT)
  • Partnership with the Government Services Administration (GSA) on the 4th Party (4PL) logistics solutions program for Marine Corps Installations’ ServMart stores
  • Oversight of the Fuels Infrastructure Management Program
  • Oversight and Program Management of Garrison Supply Operations
  • Oversight and Management of the Hazardous Material - Hazardous Waste Program, Marine Corps Chemical Management System (CMS), and the Joint Environmental Material Management Service (JEMMS)
  • Program management of investment-type plant property, garrison property, and collateral equipment in support of military construction (MILCON)
  • Program Management and programmatic oversight of Garrison Mobile Equipment (GME) (including leased vehicles)
  • Policy guidance and management of the Transportation Energy component of meeting Legislative, Presidential, and Department of the Navy energy mandates and goals
  • Budget Development & Support for Logistic Programs
  • Program Management of Common Output Levels of Service (COLS) Logistics, Transportation, and Food Service functions and sub-functions
  • Policy Development & Support to Accountable Property Systems of Record (APSR), including the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS), and the Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC)
  • Policy Development & Support to Ammunition and Ammunition Storage facilities
  • Implementing DC I&L Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan (in collaboration with MCICOM G-6)
  • Distribution Management Operations execution and funding (CivPers, Local and Short-Term Storage)
  • Contracting Officer Representative (COR) services for contractor support to DC I&L, LF, LFS-Services / MCICOM G-4 missions
  • Commissary Liaison Support to DC I&L and DC P&R
  • HQMC Support to the DoD Joint Basing program
  • Oversight and support to MCICOM Formal Agreements and implementation of the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)

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