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Marine Corps Conducts 2024 Housing Surveys Your Voice, Our Commitment: Better Housing

18 Mar 2024 | Taylor Massey Marine Corps Installations Command, MCICOM

The Marine Corps is conducting two housing surveys: one dedicated to Marines residing in barracks, the Resident Quality Assessment (RQA), and another focused on those living in Public-Private Venture (PPV) and government-owned family housing, the Tenant Satisfaction Survey (TSS).

Both surveys will run from March 18 to April 18, 2024, and aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse perspectives of all who live in Marine Corps housing.

The surveys, which will be conducted by independent third-party Robert D. Niehaus, Inc. (RDN) are expected to take less than 10 minutes to complete and maintain an emphasis on ensuring minimal disruption to participants' schedules. Additionally, the Marine Corps is focused on the importance of anonymity, as such, neither names nor DoD IDs will be associated with any responses, nor will they be shared with unit leadership. Tenants should expect to receive the survey link via email or text, which will be resourced from the contact information on file with local Military Housing Offices (MHO), as this year's surveys will be exclusively digital.

Major General David W. Maxwell, Commander of Marine Corps Installation Command (MCICOM), emphasizes the importance of every service member and their family's participation, stating, "Every contribution is vital in helping the Marine Corps progress and provide quality and affordable housing and housing services."

Input from the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 TSS played a pivotal role in initiating positive changes for PPV residents, including enhanced customer service and various other property improvements. Nearly 7,000 tenants shared their perspectives resulting in a 2% increase in overall satisfaction from FY22, with 11 installations rating Outstanding, Very Good, or Good (75-100 range) for their overall score. Other notable results include an overall satisfaction score of 79, a property satisfaction score of 78, and a service satisfaction score of 81. Key areas with the highest ratings included courtesy and responsiveness of maintenance personnel.

However, identified areas for improvement, such as pest control, interior lighting, and bathroom and kitchen amenities, underscore the importance of ongoing efforts. PPV partners with scores of 70 and below must develop targeted action plans to address tenant concerns.

Examples of corrective actions undertaken by Marine Corps installations in response to FY23 TSS results include, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island teaming up with local Eagle Scouts to build park benches for four parks, acquiring new gym equipment for the community center, and installing new pet waste stations in order to improve the condition, safety, and cleanliness of recreation areas. Marine Corps Base Hawaii also took initiative to improve the condition of landscaping, roads, parking areas, and sidewalks through increased engagement with their landscaping contractor and conducting more routine inspections.

“These surveys allow my office to prioritize support to our Marine Corps residents and families,” said Mr. Ed Cutshall, MCICOM Housing Director. “These surveys also empower us to hold our housing partners accountable to ensure these residents and families receive the safe, quality housing they deserve.”

The success of the upcoming surveys relies on the active participation of all tenants to shape the future of Marine Corps housing communities. OMB Control Number: 0704-0553 OMB Expiration 5/31/2025

POINT OF CONTACT: Maj John Parry, Communications Strategy and Operations Officer, Installations and Logistics, (571) 256-2856,

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