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Safety Projects


Welcome to MCICOM Safety Division’s Safety Projects page. Below is a list of current Marine Corps safety projects along with a status update. Please visit regularly for frequent status updates.

Risk Management Information (RMI) Project:

  • RMI-Streamlined Incident Reporting (SIR). Released for full use 1 January 2021.

  • RMI-Safety Program Management (SPM). Currently contains 10 Functional Requirement Document (FRD) Modules:

    • FRD-1 Inspections. In final testing phase. Expected to be released in early 2022.

    • FRD-2 Hazard Abatement. In final testing phase. To be released in early 2022.

    • FRD-3 Confined Space Entry. In data collection and SME testing phase. To be released late 2022.

    • FRD-4 Fall Protection. In development stage. Release TBD.

    • FRD-5 Safety Committees. In development stage.

    • FRD-6 Operational Risk Management. Pending.

    • FRD-7 Self-Assessment. Pending.

    • FRD-8 Job Hazard Analysis. Pending.

    • FRD-9 Medical Surveillance. Pending.

    • FRD-10 Respirator Protection. Pending.

Weight Handling Equipment (WHE Project)

  • Installation Inventory will continue to be added to ESAMS.

  • NAVFAC P-307 compliance goal March 2023.

  • Inspections to begin in 2023. Pending.

OSHA Trainers created by MCB Quantico.

  • Pending funds for additional units.

Ready Service Lockers (RSL) being procured.

  • 8 units currently pending funds.

MCO 5100.29C under development

  • Vol. 1-5: Released in 2021.

  • Vol. 6: Pending release.

  • Vol. 7-9: Released in 2022.

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