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Marine Corps conducts service wide housing survey

7 Nov 2019 | Marine Corps Installations Command Communication Strategy and Operations Staff The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

The U.S. Marine Corps is conducting a service wide satisfaction survey directed towards residents who live on Marine Corps installations starting Nov 8.

This online Resident Satisfaction Survey gives service members living by themselves or with dependents who live in government, including barracks, or public private venture homes an opportunity to share their perspectives on their housing communities, homes, and the services they receive from their local military housing offices. 

"Feedback from Marine Corps residents is extremely valuable for measuring and improving the quality of the housing and services that we provide,” said Marine Corps Installations Command Sergeant Major Charles Williams. “Feedback is also critical for shaping the future of our housing programs." 

“The safety, security and well-being of our Marines, sailors, and their families is critical to our mission, and we are committed to ensuring that they have the high quality housing they rightfully expect when living aboard a military installation.”

Residents are encouraged to complete this survey in addition to surveys requested by their private public venture housing communities. Responses are strictly confidential and will go a long way in helping to improve the housing services that the Marine Corps provides such as housing conditions, property management and customer service. 

“We are engaged and committed to ensuring that all housing residents receive the high quality housing and customer service that they deserve,” Navy Capt. Michael Kenney, facilities director at Marine Corps Installations Command. “We are striving for excellence, and feedback from our residents will be key in helping us to achieve our goal.” 

Residents will receive a personalized link via email to take the survey which will be conducted by Robert D. Niehaus, Inc., an independent contractor. Barracks residents will receive personalized links through a handout. For questions about the online survey platform contact 1-800-350-4888 or email

For media queries contact the MCICOM Communication Strategy and Operations team at with any questions or concerns.


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