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Below are the approved courses for Radiation Safety Officer Refresher training per NAVSEA S0420-AA-RAD-010, Section

Course (upon successful completion)
American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel (IRRSP) Refresher Training & Certification
NRRPT Self-Study Course (with successfully passing the NRRPT examination)
NRC Sponsored Training as outlined in Training courses must be coordinated with the NAVSEA DET RASO NRC course administrator.
NAVSEA DET RASO Transportation of Radioactive Material (S-553-1111) Course
Radiation Safety Officer Community of Practice Meeting
Radiation Safety Officer Biennial Symposium
Radiation Safety Officer Community of Practice Webinar Training locate at
NAVSEA DET RASO Radiographic Safety Training Course (S-491-0020)
NAVSEA DET RASO Radiation Safety Officer Courses (S-4J-0015 and S-4J-0016)

For courses or training that are not RASO-sponsored, submit a request, with the following supportive information: course objectives or syllabus, instructional hours, and any proficiency testing criteria, to the NAVSEA DET RASO Training and Technical Assist Division for evaluation.

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