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MCICOM Command Inspector General


The Command Inspector General is the eyes and ears of the Commander, ensuring the highest standards of ethical leadership, respect, and Quality of Life for our Marines, Sailors, and civilian Marines.

To file a complaint: Copy and paste the following link in your web browser:


Mission Statement

Promote Marine Corps Installations Command readiness, integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and credibility through impartial and independent inspections, assessments, inquiries, investigations, and teaching and training.

Filing a Complaint with the Command Inspector General

  1. Avenues of Redress: In most situations, law or regulation provide Marines a remedy or means of redress. Marines must exhaust these venues before the Command Inspector General can provide assistance. Once the Marine has used the available redress procedures, to include utilizing his or her chain of command, Inspector General assistance is limited to a review of the situation to determine if the Marine was afforded due process provided by law or regulation.
  2. Content of Complaint: To assist in the review of the complaint, provide as much of the following information as possible:
    • Who...Service Member's or employee's full name, rank/grade, and duty station
    • What...Specific wrong doing and why you believe the activity was misconduct, to include the rule, regulation or law you think it violates
    • Where...Location where the wrong doing occurred
    • When...Specific dates and times
    • How much...Estimated dollar loss
    • Why and how...Describe why and how you believe the individual committed the offense

    Don't forget to include:

    • Possible witnesses
    • What you have done to try to resolve the issue
    • What do you want the IG to do?
  3. Confidentiality: You may request to remain "confidential." This means your identity would not be released to individuals outside the Command Inspector General's office without your knowledge and consent.
  4. Anonymity: You also have the right to remain anonymous. In order for you to remain anonymous, do not tell us your name or provide other obviously identifying information, including an email address that includes your name. If you choose to remain anonymous by calling or by mailing a letter with no return address, we will not be able to advise you of the status or outcome of your complaint. Anonymous complaints are given the same attention as non-anonymous complaints. However, it may be more difficult to determine whether an investigation is warranted without additional information. Absolute anonymity is not guaranteed.
  5. Investigative Merit: All complaints received will be reviewed to determine if an investigation is warranted. A complaint, in and of itself, does not guarantee an investigation. 
  6. To submit a complaint, follow the link, or copy and paste it to your web browser. If you are unable to submit a complaint online, please contact our office at: or Command Inspector General Marine Corps Installations Command 3000 Marine Corps Pentagon, Room 2E226, Washington, DC 20350-3000. Phone number: (571)256-9044
  7. Hotline apps are optimized for Google Chrome and also work well on Microsoft Edge, they are NOT optimized for Internet Explorer.


Command Inspector General Marine Corps Installations Command

3000 Marine Corps Pentagon, Room 2E226
Washington, DC 20350-3000
Phone number: (571)256-9044


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