-Marine Corps Logistics IT Portfolio Strategy

      Goal 4: Effective, Efficient, and Compliant Installation, Facility and Environmental Portfolio

  • Objective 4.1 Consolidate and improve government oversight of IF&E applications
  • Objective 4.2 Consolidate existing information environment capabilities on USMC installations in compliance with MCEN.
  • Objective 4.3 Utilize effective and efficient methods to plan, authorize, distribute, account for, and sustain IF&E assets.
  • Objective 4.4 Establish and sustain an austere, mission based, effective, and highly professional installation IT Workforce.

-Information Technology Installation Advisory Group

Mission: Hosted by the IT Director of MCICOM the ITIAG serves as the Installation Information Technology Directors Advisory Group to the Military Installation Board (MIB) on matters pertaining to Installation Information Technology elements and aspects. The ITIAG outlines, for all Installations IT Directors (S6/G6’s) the MCICOM strategic direction concerning:

  • Information Environments
  • Information Services (Voice, Video and Data)
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Information Technology Maintenance Services
  • Information Technology Labor and Training


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