G4 Initiatives

Current Initiatives

  • Management of initial period of performance of eight year Regional Garrison Food Service Contracts.
  • Pre-Solicitation Activities for Regional Garrison Food Service Contract III
  • Establishing policy and / or proposing legislation governing personnel authorization to subsist in Marine Corps Mess Halls
  • Food Service Occupational Field Table of Organization (T/O) – Table of Equipment (T/E) scrub
  • Collaboration with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for the capitalization of fuels infrastructure
  • Partnership with the Government Services Administration (GSA) on the 4th Party (4PL) logistics solutions program for Marine Corps Installations’ ServMart stores
  • Programming funding for Collateral Equipment Systems
  • Oversight of the Small Business Utilization Program
  • Energy efficiency initiatives in partnership with MCICOM Facilities Operations and Energy Directorate (GF-1)
  • Establishing policy for the accountability of non-standard equipment
  • Establishing a Standard Process for MCICOM Property Authorizations & Allowances (MCICOM Table of Equipment – TE)
  • Right-sizing and right-typing the non-tactical vehicle (NTV) fleet
  • Optimizing the NTV fleet through Mobility Transformation efforts to make transportation on bases smarter, cheaper, more accessible, and more efficient
  • Utilizing telematics vehicle hardware to collect and transmit vehicle operational data
    Marine Corps Installations Command, MCICOM