Energy information—knowledge of facility energy levels and an understanding of when, where and how energy is consumed—is critical for effective energy management. The Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM) Facility Operations and Energy Office (GF-1) provides comprehensive, accurate, and timely data on facility energy use and related costs across installation, supported, and tenant Commands.

MCICOM GF-1 collects and analyzes energy information data across a variety of data platforms, including metering infrastructure and facility-related control systems (FRCS). Various data management tools provide ways to view and gauge energy systems performance, revealing otherwise hidden opportunities, and producing additional energy information and benefits.

MCICOM GF-1 is currently investigating ways to better harness the power of data collected by advanced metering infrastructure and FRCS to provide decision makers with the ability to conduct advanced analytics and create business intelligence to drive down the cost of installation operations. Ultimately, this combination of energy information infrastructure will increase MCICOM GF-1’s visibility of energy resources, reveal new opportunities to increase efficiency, and enhance energy security.