The following materials have been developed to raise awareness about energy security and to encourage energy-efficient actions from Marines, civilians, and their families. It is Marine Corps Installations Command's hope to develop a Marine Corps-wide ethos based on the understanding that the prudent use of vital energy resources is critical to Marine Corps mission readiness and energy security. Energy managers and interested parties should feel free to download and distribute these files both digitally and in print to raise awareness and create efficient habits.


These posters can be printed and hung, handed out, or used online."Innovation is the Road to Resilience” is the slogan for Energy Action Month, calling on all Marines and civilians aboard an installation to consider how critical energy is to maintaining our ability to train, fight and win at home and abroad and take the initiative to review emergency response plans, prepare for the potential of a prolonged power loss and share innovative ideas to meet critical mission needs through any scenario.

Project Information Sheets

MCRD Parris Island

Installation Information Sheets

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Tip Sheets


These 5 Ways to Save tip sheets provide instructions on how to save energy and water in different locations on an installation. They can be distributed in print or digitally, and demonstrate simple steps Marines and their families can take to be more energy efficient and incorporate energy security in their daily work and life..

Activity Sheets

Activity sheets – crossword puzzles and word searches – test knowledge of energy and water and can teach users both adult and child alike about Marine Corps Energy. These are perfect for distributing during events or doing with the family.