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The Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM) Facility Operations and Energy Office (GF-1) provides policy and manages funding for facility operations, facility-related control systems (FRCS) and energy infrastructure. MCICOM GF-1 works to secure resilient, reliable and efficient energy supplies to support Marine Corps installations facilities services, and the families of operating forces living on base.

Energy operation touches every aspect of Marine Corps missions and functions. Short-term interruptions in electric power or disruptions to delivery of fuel or natural gas can have serious consequences on mission readiness and the ability to deploy Marines in support of critical operations. Our nation’s power grid has grown increasingly vulnerable to attacks from potential enemies – new and old, natural and man-made. MCICOM GF-1 plays an integral role in ensuring that installation commands can continue operations in the event of a sustained commercial grid or supply chain failure. MCICOM GF-1is taking a proactive approach to enhancing the resilience, reliability and efficiency of Marine Corps installations and ensuring the security of its utility infrastructure, both within and outside the fence line.

MCICOM GF-1 is exploring several solutions and areas of research, including the opportunity to deploy microgrids – installation grids independent of the commercial grid that utilize power from distributed energy resources, including renewable systems to continue functioning in the event of a blackout. MCICOM GF-1 is also working to identify points of utility and delivery system vulnerability.

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