In 2017, the Commandant of the Marine Corps directed the modernization of the force to evaluate and aggressively experiment with new technology and concepts to stay ahead of adversarial advancements. In response, COMMICOM directed the establishment of the Office of Modernization and Development (G7) as a stand-alone directorate in July 2017. MCICOM has recognized the need for change and has created a structured process to infuse innovation, empower its staff, and meet its mission of creating the installation of the future. Installation neXt (I-neXt) [formally I-werX), a supporting branch to Marine Corps Installation Command (MCICOM) Office of Modernization and Development (G-7), supports the MCICOM function of Performance and Innovation under the Command & Staff Support portfolio and is responsible for accelerating and integrating new and emerging technologies, processes, and organizational adaptations – across the Command – as they relate to design, construction, and management of our installations.

In November 2017 I-neXt held it’s first Symposium at MCLB Albany, GA on the “Base of the Future”, followed by 3 other symposia: “Protection” at MCB Quantico, VA, in SEP 2018, “Resilience” at MCB Hawaii in JAN 2019, and “Mobility” at MCAS Miramar, CA, in MAR 2019. In April of 2018 I-neXt kicked-off it’s first fielded capability in partnership with Marine Corps Community Services exploring the use of ride-share companies (Lyft) on base, followed by other explorations into: bike sharing, autonomous vehicles, resilient cellular network capabilities, microgrids & energy storage, AI powered counter intrusion for physical security, and digital twining/wargaming for installation security.

Through these efforts, and the employment of I-neXt catalysts throughout the MCI regions, I-neXt is an effective broker of innovation, a catalyst for change, and a bridge builder to capabilities for MCICOM. Through facilitations, consultations, studies, and sprints, I-neXt leverages partnerships in an innovation-ecosystem to develop creative solutions for the IX Operating Concept for the Next Generation of Marine Corps Installations. ​​