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G7 Installation werX (I-werX)

I-werX seeks to explore, identify, and implement the newest and most efficient technologies and processes as they pertain to the development and management of installations across the Command. I-werX aims to continue the advancement of all Marine Corps installation capabilities through purposeful processes, extensive research and experimentation, and the development of meaningful partnerships.

Installation neXt (IX)
The Installation neXt (IX) concept brings together the power of ideas and community partners to imagine and re-imagine the application of emerging state-of-the-art technology, processes and organizational adaptations to the future of Marine Corps bases.

The IX concept overall seeks to leverage insights, perspectives, and expertise from an ecosystem that includes private industry, academia, and local, state, and federal governments. Through the facilitation of “controlled collisions,” this disparate group of influencers and thought leaders allow MCICOM to explore transformative solutions to installation challenges. In doing so, we advance the effectiveness of our installations and enhance the overall readiness of our Marines

The IX concept supports the Marine Operating Concept and the Commandant’s Infrastructure Reset (IR) Strategy, which seeks to provide capable, adaptive, and economically sustainable Marine Corps installations from which to generate readiness and project combat power in a fiscally constrained environment.