The G7 supports Commander, MCICOM through installation modernization and development efforts to advance the operational effectiveness of current and future installations in support of the warfighter. The foundational tenet of the G7 is the long-term sustainment and functional integration of robust training environments and power projection platforms for the Marine Corps Operating Forces.

The G7 is made up of three branches: Engagement & Mission Sustainment (E&MS), Installation werX (I-werX), and Installation Analytics.

  • Engagement & Mission Sustainment (E&MS): Encroachment management, mission sustainment, communications strategy and operations (COMMSTRAT), and legislative liaison
  • Installation werX (I-werX): Partnerships, concept development, technology integration, and processes and organization
  • Installation Analytics: Decision support, project assessment and evaluation, modeling and simulation, internal studies
    Marine Corps Installations Command, MCICOM