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Republic of Korea Marine Corps Commandant Lt. Gen. Kim Kye-Hwan, left, and U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. William M. Jurney, commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, await the commencement for the closing ceremony of the 10th iteration of the Pacific Amphibious Leaders Symposium, Seoul, South Korea, June 5, 2024. PALS brings together experts and leaders from across the Indo-Pacific to foster collaboration among Allied and partner amphibious and maritime forces, sharing knowledge and recent operational insights. This year's symposium hosts senior leaders from 24 participating nations who are committed to a free and open Indo-Pacific, with the objective of strengthening and developing regional relationships. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Matthew Benfield)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Matthew Benfield

PALS 24 Concludes Stronger Together

5 Jun 2024 | Capt. Miraquel Ridenhour U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

Lt. Gen. William Jurney, commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, and Lt. Gen. Kim Kye-Hwan, Commandant of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps, conclude the 10th annual Pacific Amphibious Leaders Symposium during the closing ceremony in Seoul, South Korea, June 5, 2024.

Allied and partnered amphibious and maritime leaders, invested in upholding a rules-based international order as well as a free and open Indo-Pacific, attended this year’s symposium and participated in key leader engagements, panel discussions, and briefs throughout the week.

This year marked the second time the Republic of Korea Marine Corps has co-hosted the event. The increased variety of co-hosts demonstrates the depth of commitment among our Allies and partners to build a more capable combined force across the Indo-Pacific.

In response to the rapidly evolving Indo-Pacific security environment, participants emphasized the importance of postured and ready forces. Kim noted that the symposium continues to serve as a forum for fruitful discussion and relationship development to further increase and diversify the role of amphibious and maritime forces.

In concluding PALS 24, Kim reflected, “We exchanged practical and broad views on ways to promote military cooperation and mutual interests in each country, and that these efforts will contribute to the expansion of the role of landing forces and to the Indo-Pacific region and further to international peace and prosperity.”

Some key topics discussed throughout the symposium included amphibious force contributions across a range of military operations, challenges with operating in a maritime environment, and modernization efforts throughout the combined force. In addition to these discussion topics, delegations received a brief on technology-based solutions for maritime domain awareness and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

This year, the co-hosts captured the spirit of the symposium by establishing a new PALS motto, “Stronger together.” It serves as a reminder that regular collaboration among Allies and partners is the foundation of our ability to respond to crises, compete in uncertainty, and win in conflict.

“The Pacific Amphibious Leaders Symposium forges a path to increase capabilities, flexibility, readiness, and our continuous quest for collective excellence. I believe we are guardians of a free and open Indo-Pacific, and sustained excellence at the individual, tactical, operational, and strategic levels are not only what our citizens demand and expect of us, but also what they deserve.” Lt. Gen. William Jurney, commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

Established by MARFORPAC in 2015, PALS continues to serve as the premier annual gathering of regional amphibious and maritime force leaders across the Indo-Pacific. The relationships strengthened at PALS are the cornerstone of a free and open Indo-Pacific for all nations. This year’s symposium hosted 31 delegations from 24 countries. MARFORPAC Marines live and work alongside the joint force and like-minded Allies and partners to prevent conflict, respond to crisis, and if the Nation calls, to fight and win.

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